I needed to break lifelong belief systems, habits and behaviours... The Synergy Purify Programme has, for me, been a game-changer and indeed a lifesaver.

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Weight Loss

If I can do this and still do my job as a professional chef and still lose weight then I know anyone can.

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I am a lighter in my outlook and feelings as well as in weight. Having a genuine smile makes you feel so much better.

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Digestive Issues

I find I am satisfied by much less than I used to be, so no more gorging and feeling over full either... As a gut health specialist, I cannot say enough about the Purify Programme.

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I have much more energy in the afternoon, sleeping much better and falling asleep easier too! IBS - so far no flare ups! 

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Various clients


Since Purify I’ve been able to introduce foods that I haven’t eaten for a long while. I previously followed a FODMAP diet. Purify has been health and life-changing for me.

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General Wellbeing

I find myself now feeling more methodical somehow - far less scatterbrained - more focused and I have more patience since completing Purify. 

I have no sweet cravings and I am sleeping through the night. I wake feeling alert and I am much calmer in myself. My skin feels like velvet. 

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CFS & Insomnia

Thank you to my mentor. I’m so glad you and your work were recommended to me at the right time. I feel like I’m back in control. I’m very grateful for all your help, support, encouragement and your sense of humour. 

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Fybromyalgia, Depression

I lost just over 2kgs in weight despite eating more than I ever have in many a year and 7cms in total from around my body.

Pain wise I now have none in my hands which is the most noticeable improvement...

My skin has never been so clear and my hair is thick with a shine I've not seen for years.

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