Lotus is a colonic hydrotherapist and alternative health practitioner. She has been self-employed for more than 15 years and taught clinical skills as a freelance lecturer for the NHS for many of those years. She believes that when you feel better, you have a higher potential to make great choices in all aspects of your life. Lotus is committed to helping people be the best they can be by meeting people wherever they are on their health journey and giving them a leg up to the next step.


My story


Over the years, I feel like I’ve tried a whole host of the so-called fad diets that are out there. You name it, I’ve had a go – 5:2, keto, paleo, Atkins, slow-carb, Weight Watchers, Slimfast, vegan, vegetarian, an odd soup diet, raw food, Ayurvedic, intermittent fasting… there are probably some I’ve forgotten. I’ve always been curious about the effect that food has on wellbeing.


What probably started out as a preoccupation with weight in my teens and early twenties, turned into a fascination with the peak states I’ve experienced during periods of eating and supplementing in certain ways. Many people, myself included, have normalised states of exhaustion, stress and mid/low-level health. We cope and carry on. I know from experience that there is a different state of being that comes with dedicated self-care and the right support.


Once I had my child in 2013, I almost felt like I didn’t have time to care about my eating habits anymore and I supplemented my energy levels heavily with caffeine and self-medicated with alcohol and overeating. I was in survival mode and it worked for the most part. I was functioning but not thriving. I still managed my eating fairly well and exercised when I could but it was easy to let things slip.


Early in 2019, I took a course of antibiotics for a problem that was not responding to the other natural remedies in my toolkit. Sometimes, you just need the full-on solution. However, any antibiotics, meds, high-stress levels, physical injuries and so on, can affect your gut microbiome. With the life I was already juggling, this course of antibiotics upset the balance in my body. This manifested as a persistent skin condition and high levels of fatigue that lasted months. I also began to notice brain fog and, memory and concentration issues. A small part of me started to panic – what if I couldn’t keep all my balls in the air? Everything relied on me being able to keep going at the same pace. People I spoke about my symptoms, raised their eyebrows and started talking in hushed tones about peri-menopausal possibilities. I wasn’t so sure and, even if that were the case, I was certain I could do something to support myself.


Around this time, I found out about the Purify programme. It came along at exactly the right moment claiming to address a list of symptoms that matched almost everything I was experiencing. Given my background in gut health, I wasn’t surprised that everything could be traced back to long and short term imbalances in that area. I was keen to try it and started the programme in November of this year. Fortunately, it lived up to the claims I had read about and Purify became a turning point for my physical and mental wellbeing.


You can check out the three videos I made tracking my journey on our Facebook page. Everyone’s experience is different but there is a common thread of general improvement in health and emotional wellbeing. You can see a range of testimonials here.


My main benefits were:


  • improved mood and concentration levels

  • warmer (stopped putting my heating on during the day)

  • better sleep

  • caffeine-free

  • a healthier diet and an improved sense of taste

  • calmer and able to handle the twists and turns of life with ease

  • clear, bright and healthy skin

  • more energy - particularly in the evenings when I usually get a slump. I’m able to carry on with various projects rather than zoning out to something.

  • weight loss & inches lost

  • regular bowel function


Of course, the Purify programme was just a beginning. Health is a lifelong journey and one that requires focus and support to keep us on a beneficial path. For me, it’s not about resisting what life has to offer or obsessing about diet but having a well-balanced approach to food and health. When we have a strong connection to our sense of wellbeing, the right choices come naturally. I also believe this extends out into our approach towards the planet and the larger social issues that we all face. When we are well-resourced, we have more to give and a greater sense of clarity about the road ahead.


If you think you could benefit from a kick-start towards elite health check out the packages we offer here.

More about Katherine

I work with the products I am recommending and, of course, I have my own story about how I came to be interested in gut health. You can read more about that here. 

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Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

Katherine’s experience confirms what Hippocrates stated many years ago that ‘all disease begins in the gut’. One of her favourites quotes from running The Healthy Gut Clinic is, “We don’t help people with bowel problems, we help bowels with people problems” believing wholeheartedly that, once the gut and microbiome are in balance, the person’s overall health and wellbeing will inevitably improve.

My story


It is my feeling and observation that, due to the pressures and stresses of modern-day living, we sometimes get lost along the way. And, when we lose sight of ourselves, we manifest often unpleasant symptoms to bring awareness to the problem so that we might bring ourselves back to balance and, literally, back to life.
This is how it was for me many years ago. Events had occurred in my younger life which caused me to make some poor lifestyle choices and I ended up living with the results of those choices; constipation, bloating, piles, headaches, chronic menstrual issues. And those were just the physical problems! I was depressed, apathetic and really angry deep inside. 

I felt very guilty for the abuse I had inflicted on my body and I was paying the price for that on a daily basis. Put simply, I couldn't understand where my life had gone so wrong and in pursuit of answers, I found myself (somewhat reluctantly) having a course of colon hydrotherapy treatments in the hope of improving my symptoms.

It was such a huge success that it influenced my future to the extent by which I trained in the discipline so that I could help others enjoy the sense of freedom and comfort that I had experienced from literally letting go of all my cr@p!

Hence my career in gut health began and I set up a colon hydrotherapy clinic in 2005. I’m especially fascinated by the influence that our gut has on our psychology and the relationship between the gut brain (enteric nervous system) and the head brain, but I didn’t really appreciate the influence that the microbiome (the gut bacteria) played in that relationship.

In early 2019, I met a lady who’d transformed her chronic ill health by following a programme called Purify and she recommended I try it out. It had helped her to balance her gut bacteria and change her eating habits to support a healthy microbiome and now she had none of her previous symptoms at all. She looked radiant and healthy.

Whilst I was intrigued, I was really sceptical, secretly believing there was nothing wrong with me and I didn’t really need any help, but I decided to try it as I suspected it might be a useful system to further support my clients in the clinic.

I was blown away by the difference in my energy levels and my mental and physical experience of my life. You can read more in my testimonial here.

I could go on and on about how grateful I feel to that lady for bringing this information into my awareness. I’m really excited about the potential of these products to improve everyone’s health and quality of life. 

You don’t have to have a recognised gut problem to enjoy the benefits. You just need to realise that you’re capable of so much more when you’re happy and healthy, and be curious about how you can achieve that. 

If you think you could benefit from a head-start towards elite health check out the packages here


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