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Hiding in your Gut?


Gut health influences your overall health. Healthy Gut Solutions offers products and support to change the way you feel. You can skip straight to the packages we offer here or, if you want to know more, read on. 


Not feeling your best?


Have you ever crawled home after a day’s work feeling riddled with guilt because you’re just too tired to spend any quality time with your family? 


Perhaps you’ve been single for a while and would love to get into a relationship but feel that your current health challenges would be too much for a new partner to take on board? 


Maybe you’re sick of visiting your GP to be handed out drugs that don’t really get to the bottom of the issue, or maybe you’ve had loads of tests done that simply say there is nothing wrong with you yet you still feel unwell ... how crazy-making is that?



The trouble is that so many of us are struggling with health-related problems that hang around, often without an obvious cause, and they stop us from doing the things that we love. 


The thing is, when it comes to our health, we must remember that each and every one of us is on a spectrum. Sadly, it is part of our culture to consider that we are well and doing okay just as long as we’re not experiencing any symptoms. However, this is not always the case. Just because you don’t have symptoms yet, doesn’t mean you’re well and thriving. A new symptom might be just around the corner and about to introduce itself to you and completely derail your life. Elite health is not the same as just being symptom-free – you are getting along ok but are you living your best life?


What is your body trying to tell you?


Our bodies are phenomenal creations which perform a myriad of functions every single second of every single minute of every single.. well you get the picture. 


Bodies do a lot of stuff on our behalf. Imagine if you had to have a conscious awareness of the gas exchanges in your lungs or which of your stomach lining cells need to be replaced, or if you had to make a decision about when to blink every time you needed to refresh the aqueous humour of your eye… exhausting right? 


Thankfully, your body has been designed to take care of this for you, so that you can go about the business of life. 


Bodies are also pretty good at healing themselves as long as they have the right environment to do so. You see, your body will adapt as much as it can, even in some really unsupportive circumstances, to keep you alive and kicking - to keep your engine running and all parts lubricated and moving freely.  

However, if you persistently make choices that don’t support the existence of the whole of you, then your body will have no choice but to draw your attention to the problem. It will give you a symptom. We give these symptoms names like headache, exhaustion, arthritis, GERD, fibromyalgia, cancer, endometriosis, constipation, depression, IBS for example, but the symptoms are not the problem, merely the signpost to the problem. When we learn to read the signpost rather than suppress the symptom, we can find our way back to health. 


However, with the best will in the world, knowing what is a ‘healthy choice’ has become a bit of a minefield, and the advent of the internet has only added to the confusion. There is so much conflicting information! 


Even if you’re a conscientious raw food dieter, or you follow a dedicated exercise regime or you’re a prolific calorie counter who spends half their life reading food labels and consuming just about every health-related piece of information there is - none of it will matter if the one fundamental part of your health jigsaw is missing from the equation. A healthy gut is vital for overall wellbeing. 


Why is gut health important?

Your gut is the interface between the outer world and your inner world. You’ve probably heard the adage “you are what you eat” but that is only really a part of the story. To fully understand the important role that your gut plays in your health, you must first appreciate that you are not what you eat, but what you absorb. 


You might be making some really good food choices but if your gut isn’t working well, any available nutrition will still make its way through your body and out of the other end without you and your body enjoying any benefit.


There are many factors that can negatively affect the gut, many of which are unavoidable or difficult to deal with in modern life. These include: 


  • stress

  • antibiotics 

  • long term physical and/ or mental illness

  • other medications

  • operations that require anaesthetic

  • hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause or contraception

  • poor diet 

  • overconsumption of toxins like alcohol, caffeine and sugar

  • environmental factors


The symptoms associated with poor gut health are wide-ranging and can vary from person to person. We get so used to some of these that we may not even notice they are present until someone sits down with us and asks us to pay attention to the conditions we are living with on a daily basis. 


  • fatigue

  • apathy or low mood

  • feeling out of control

  • functional bowel conditions; IBS, constipation, diarrhoea

  • persistent skin conditions/ dull or dry skin

  • candida

  • mood swings

  • weight gain/ problems losing weight

  • food cravings

  • memory and concentration issues

  • food sensitivities

  • frequent illness

  • insomnia

  • persistent aches and pains



This list is not exhaustive and only covers some of the issues that are now so prevalent, many of us have come to accept them as a normal part of life. 


Getting your gut health in order is fundamental for every other system of your body to function well. To find out what provides the foundation of your gut health, click here.

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For every one of the cells that make up the vessel that you call your body, there are nine impostor cells hitching a ride. You are not just flesh and blood, muscle and bone, brain and skin, but also bacteria and fungi. Over your lifetime, you will carry the equivalent weight of five African elephants in microbes. You are not an individual but a colony.’

– Alanna Collen, 10% Human, Williams Collins

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“When it comes to obesity, there are several ways gut microbes might influence matters, including through appetite, production of gases, efficiency of using food, and impact on the immune system and inflammation.”


– Nicola Davis, The human microbiome: why our microbes could be key to our health, The Guardian, 26th March 2018

What’s the solution?

A system that supports the regrowth of healthy gut bacteria and a life that is based on elite levels of health whatever that looks like for you. This isn’t about turning anyone into something they are not, it’s about helping you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Paying attention to the gut microbiome is all about celebrating the part of you that is unique.


At The Healthy Gut Clinic, we have a great deal of experience working with gut health, whole-body health, nutrition and supplements. We’ve worked with many supportive products and systems over the years before coming across Synergy in 2019. You can read more about our personal journeys here.


The journey towards Elite Health through this system usually begins with a 21-day programme called Purify. This is a journey that involves changing consumption habits and supporting your microbiome with a range of preparations including probiotics, prebiotics, protein-focused shakes and a leading l-arginine supplement. The programme is divided into three sections and is designed to last long enough to ensure you change your habits for the long-term. Features include:  


  • a high protein, high-phytonutrient and low-carbohydrate nutrition plan

  • a transformative supplement programme

  • light exercise guidelines

  • programme guide and recipes

  • lifestyle analysis before and after

  • 1-2-1 and community support


It’s important to note that this is a supportive system. It’s not about control or dieting. The goal is to change your relationship with various aspects of your life so that you want to make choices that are great for you because you have sharpened your sense of what those are. Resistance to anything – fat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and so on – will always crumble eventually because you are at war with yourself. This programme and the ongoing supplements you can choose from the Synergy range will help you walk away from the battle for good.

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"Elite Health is the pinnacle of wellness, where age does not dictate ability. Scientifically, Elite Health is optimal metabolic function, the state in which all body systems are performing efficiently, which gives you the energy to see more, do more, and be more, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Elite Health is stepping into every new decade with new ambition. It is the freedom to live without limitation, and it’s through a healthy mind and body that this freedom is realized."

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Who am I?

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Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

Katherine’s experience confirms what Hippocrates stated many years ago that ‘all disease begins in the gut’.


One of her favourites quotes from running The Healthy Gut Clinic is:


“We don’t help people with bowel problems, we help bowels with people problems”


She believes wholeheartedly that, once the gut and microbiome are in balance, the person’s overall health and wellbeing will inevitably improve.


To read more about her story, click here. 

“It’s vital to focus on the community inside if you want to find the energy to support your community on the outside. We all want to contribute great things to the world and the ability to do that starts with looking after ourselves.” 

Katherine is the person behind Healthy Gut Solutions. She offers well-researched and beautifully made products. She has 15 years of experience working in the health industry. She runs a colonic clinic based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and believes that this programme dovetails perfectly with the aims of her work to date. The larger vision is to support people on their way to better health, more energy and a greater ability to do the things they love with the people they love.


Katherine has undertaken the Purify programme and personally works with the products. At Healthy Gut Solutions, our ethos is firmly rooted in support, meeting you where you are and finding the best solutions for you as an individual. You can see the different packages here. The best way to move forward is to get in touch and see what might be right for you with a free telephone consultation. There is no hard sales pitch to follow.



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