Your results

First and foremost, you are more than just a number. This isn’t a pass or fail – it’s information about your health and life experience. 


One of our team will be in touch to discuss the results and potential for change with you in more depth.


Here’s a general guide to what your score may mean:


90-100% - you’re totally on it, feeling good and knowing it. If you want to work with the Purify programme, it’s because you’re fully aware that gut health is important and you want to stay at the top of your game.


60-89% - you’re generally ok and living your life in an average to good state of health. For you, working with Purify means reaching for the next level to see if there’s a peak state that you could be experiencing more often.


20-59% - maybe this result is a surprise to you. So many of us are normalising poor health and learning to live with it. You may also be surprised at the difference that paying attention to your gut health can make.


0-20% - you most likely know that you’re struggling and living with persistent health conditions. You can feel better and you’re already on the path just by investing time in taking this quiz. It's going to be great to talk to you about the possibility of a better life experience.

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